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Sockadelic Stripey Royals G2

Sockadelic Stripey Royals G2

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The second generation of the Stripey Royals are expected in September. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.

These Melbourne made mid-calf socks are a great choice for Monday office meetings, foreclosure meetings, and dates. Spice up your outfit with these nifty crew-length socks!

• 60% organic cotton, 30% nylon
• Product weight: 46 g
• Mid-calf (or crew length )
• Machine-washable
• Made in Melbourne Australia
• Polyester free, therefore no microplastics are created
• Plastic-free packaging

S/M   2-8     (small adult)
M/L   8-11   (popular)
L/XL  11-14 (very large)

Introducing the Stripey Royals: a sophisticated ensemble for the discerning foot. With each step, this sock evokes a refined aura, perfect for the grandest of affairs. Its velvety texture and intricate notes weave a symphony of style, ideal for elevating formal occasions to unforgettable heights. Delight in the artistry of our Stripey Royals, where every step becomes a graceful dance of taste and sophistication.

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