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Sockadelic Gift Cards

Sockadelic Gift Cards

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Get Sockadelic Gift Cards – The Perfect Cure for the Indecisive, the Hard-to-Shop-for, and the Extra Quirky! 🎁🧦

Struggling to find the perfect gift for those who are as picky as a cat on a hot tin roof? Fear not! Sockadelic gift cards are here to save the day! These little bundles of joy come with a touch of mischief, ensuring endless fun and possibilities. 🎉

Now, we do have a few tricks up our sock sleeves when it comes to these magical cards. Some conditions apply, but fear not, they're just like a secret code that adds an extra twist of excitement! Expect some minimum buying amounts, a limited number of uses (we don't want anyone going too wild now), and even an expiration date to keep things interesting. 💫

But before you dive into the world of Sockadelic surprises, make sure to check out the images of our cards. That way, you can ensure the conditions match your wildest sock dreams before making your purchase. 🌈

Once you've selected your funky card, we'll whisk it away from our Melbourne office and send it on a speedy journey to your doorstep. You can expect it to arrive within a cool seven days. So, get ready to gift the joy of Sockadelic and let the sock adventures begin! 🎊✨

3ZV card type conditions (19th June 2023): Not redeemable for cash or usable at any other retailer or outlet; only redeemable at The value of the card is $20, for a minimum of $200 purchase. Use the code at checkout. Code is available once per person/account.

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