Welcome to the Sockadelic Wholesale Extravaganza!

Attention all fashion-forward store owners, retailers, and trendsetting boutiques! Are you ready to inject a burst of quirkiness and a whirlwind of colour into your inventory? Look no further, because Sockadelic is here to fulfill your socktastic dreams with our wholesale offerings!

We are a new brand, finding our feet in the fashion seen, but we have big ambitions and big socks to fill. We proudly supply unique Melbourne-made socks, straight from the vibrant heart of Australia's fashion capital. Each design is carefully crafted with love and a pinch of pizzazz, ensuring that your customers will be stepping into a world of style like no other.

Sockadelic sock style: Casual and formal

From batches of 100 to over a whopping 3000 per design, we've got quantities to suit every store's needs. Whether you're a cozy boutique or a bustling fashion emporium, Sockadelic has you covered in the sock department.

Our socks are a delightful blend of cotton and stretch fibers, making them the epitome of comfort and flexibility. We understand Melbourne's love affair with black attire, but hey, why not add a splash of bold colours to shake things up? We're here to brighten up your customers' lives, one sock at a time.

We value positive mental health, we're against micro-plastic and polyester, against child labour and forced labour, responsible environmental stewardship, support local manufacture and low-carbon miles, we avoid plastic and prefer zero-plastic packaging.

Fun socks for fun people—that's our motto! Sockadelic is all about infusing joy and personality into every step. We believe that fashion should be an expression of individuality, a celebration of the unique spirit that resides within us all.

Sockadelic sock styles

Ready to join the Sockadelic revolution? Contact us today for wholesale prices that will make your money-making heart flutter. We'll also update you on the latest designs we have in the works. Our sock enthusiasts are eager to assist you in bringing the vibrant world of Sockadelic to your fashion-forward store.

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Becoming a reseller for us, will be fantastic. We will provide for you unique, never seen before sock display cases, unique packaging for our socks. Currently, we are focusing on formal, casual, unisex styles. We will branch out in the future. Our current product lines are:

  • Stripey Royals
  • Going Dotty
  • Mutiny in the Office
  • Hosier Lane
  • More to come

We're very excited and we have big dreams. Together, we'll paint the town colourful, one sock at a time, and we'd love to have you along for the ride.

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Retail Buyer Account Features

As a retail buyer, you will

  • Have an online wholesale account
  • Access wholesale prices
  • 24/7 online ordering is possible
  • Receive regular news and updates
  • Minimum order is 90 pairs of any sock line (refer to our product lines listed above), of any colour varieties and size options
  • Orders are made in Melbourne
  • Orders are usually shipped within 3 to 4 weeks (depending on production schedules - please order early)
  • Able to choose the type of packaging that appeals best to your customers
  • Order our branded shop display materials
  • Get personalised priority support
  • Get listed on our website under the "Where to Buy" section

Here are some display case designs Emily Sockinson (the very real virtual assistant) has proposed to the humans in the office: