Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns Policy

Welcome to the joyous realm of Sockadelic, where every step is a dance and every delivery is a toe-tapping extravaganza! We, at Sockadelic, are committed to ensuring your socktastic experience is as smooth as a well-choreographed routine. So, let's slip into our groovy socks and glide through the details of our shipping and returns policy.


  1. Working with Local and International Suppliers: Sockadelic proudly collaborates with both local and international suppliers to curate the most footloose and fancy-free sock collection. Our dance partners may vary, but our commitment to delivering the utmost socktastic joy remains unwavering. We strive to support local artisans and are always on the lookout for locally made ethical clothing, so your steps can be in harmony with sustainable fashion.

  2. Shipping Timeframes: Just like a smooth dance move, we aim to keep our shipping process in perfect rhythm. For orders fulfilled by our local suppliers, you can expect your toe-tapping treasures to waltz their way to you within a swift timeframe of less than 14 days. As for orders fulfilled by our international suppliers, they may take a little longer to tango their way to your doorstep. International deliveries should arrive with a maximum delay of 28 days, allowing your socks to travel the globe in style before landing on your happy feet.

  3. Locally Made Ethical Clothing: At Sockadelic, we're passionate about supporting local artisans and embracing ethical practices. We're constantly on the lookout for locally made ethical clothing gems that'll make your heart skip a beat. When it comes to these sustainable treasures, we understand that time is of the essence. We're committed to ensuring delivery times are as quick as a dance move, so you can enjoy your locally made ethical socks in no time.

  4. Shipping Fee: To keep you light on your feet, we offer a flat shipping fee for all orders within Australia. So, go ahead and dance your way through our socktastic collection without worrying about any additional shipping charges. Free your feet, and let the joy of Sockadelic fill your soul!


  1. Sock Satisfaction Guarantee: We want to see you dance with joy when you slip on your Sockadelic socks. If, for any reason, your socks don't make your feet groove with happiness, reach out to us within 14 days of receiving your order. We'll work our magic to find a solution that leaves you dancing with delight.

  2. Socktacular Returns Process: To initiate a return, please contact our Sockadelic Support Team through our website or by email. Kindly include your order details and the reason for the return. Our team will guide you through the seamless returns process, ensuring you're back on your dancing feet in no time.

  3. Sock Return Eligibility: To be eligible for a return, your socks must be unworn, in their original packaging, and in the same delightful condition as when they danced their way to you. We kindly ask you to tread lightly and be mindful of the sock's condition to ensure a smooth returns experience.

  4. Sock Exchanges: If you would like to exchange your socks for a different size or design, we'll happily facilitate the sock swap. Simply follow our returns process, and we'll guide you through the dance steps to find the perfect pair that makes your heart skip a beat.

Please note that, while we strive to make every step of your socktastic journey delightful, Sockadelic cannot be held responsible for any impromptu sock-induced dance parties or infectious sock puns that may arise while wearing our fabulous socks. We apologize in advance for any unexpected bursts.

Fun socks for fun people.