Be Your Own Boss

Do you have $585 and want to start your own retail business?

Convert $585 to $1,000*  Do you want to earn a bit extra at the weekends? This is your starting point.

Our boss Andrew attending the Elwood Community Market in Sept 2023

To have your own brick-and-mortar store will require an upfront investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. You'll need to pay for your time in lost salary by looking and researching the store, the products, and a lot more. The bond and three months upfront payment is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pay tens of thousands for store fittings. A stock purchase to fill your store will cost tens of thousands. Formally setting up a pty ltd will cost a few thousand.


Sockadelic is offering you a low-cost, low-risk, realistic leg up into the business community.

From October 2023, you can cash in on the Christmas & New Year season.

Acquire essential sales skills, experience, and knowledge, and get a leg up into owning your own business - be your own boss. Forge your own path. Let us help you.

A woman purchasing Sockadelic socks at an event

You'll get wholesale prices to our high quality Australian ethically made products. You'll get qualified advice to ensure your best chance of success. You'll can get high quality signage and other promo materials. An investment of as little as $585 in stock can be converted to over $1,300 (with about over $750 profit to you each weekend market day*). We'll help you do all this legally, realistically, and with so much more potential for your future.

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To get in for the Christmas / New Year rush, you need to order TODAY!

Stocks take up to 4 weeks to manufacture.

What you need:

  • ABN. It's free to apply for your own personal ABN
  • A table (up to 2m), bi-fold for easier carting and packing
  • Order Sockadelic stocks (allow 4 weeks for fulfillment)
  • Sockadelic info signage
  • A plain white, grey, or black table cloth
  • Our info pack to help you

* Disclaimer. Please read this: The amount you earn is dependent on your sales ability, weather, number of market attendees, and other factors typically outside of market sellers' control. Any business activity comes with risks, and we are not responsible for any losses you may incur. However, people need socks and people need joy. Bring both to the people! Ensure you allow about 4 weeks from time of order to time of fulfillment. An order of 60 pairs of socks is a minimum investment, and may completely sell in a single market day. Sockadelic (owned by Travel Photos Pty Ltd) are not responsible for any financial, material, or psychological losses you may incur.

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