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Also known as FAQ.

Q: What types of socks do you have?
A: Currently, we are focusing on mid-calf socks for both casual and formal wear. More will come.

Sockadelic sock type chart

Q: Do you offer free shipping?
A: Absolutely! We believe that free shipping is the cherry on top of the sock sundae. For all you sock fanatics out there, we offer free shipping for orders over $70 currently only for Australian addresses only. That's right, we'll wave our magic wand and send those fabulous socks floating to your doorstep without any extra cost. So, go ahead and load up your cart with socktastic treasures, and when your order reaches that magical $70 mark, voila! Free shipping will be bestowed upon you like a gift from the sock deities themselves. It's our way of spreading the sock love and ensuring your feet are adorned with the quirkiest and most vibrant designs without breaking the bank. Get ready to dance a sock-shipping jig when your order arrive

Q: How long will it take for my socks to arrive?
A: Ah, the anticipation of new sock adventures! Delivery times depend on your location and the origin of your socks. If you're stepping in Australia, expect your socks to dance their way to your doorstep within a toe-tapping 14 days. For those fabulous footies coming from our print-on-demand pals in the USA or Latvia, the delivery rhythm might take up to 28 days. Rest assured, though, our sock-errific team is always working hard to get your sock fix to you as quickly as possible!

Q: Can I track the journey of my socks?
A: Absolutely! We understand the excitement of tracking your socky treasures as they make their way to you. For domestic deliveries within Australia, we provide foot-friendly tracking that allows you to stay in step with your socks every step of the way. When it comes to overseas sock serenades, we're unable to provide tracking at this time. But fear not, our socks are well-trained in the art of global travel, and they'll make sure to stomp their way to you in due time.

A Sockadelic dude at an event

Q: What if my socks don't fit?
A: We believe that every sock should find its perfect sole mate. If, for some reason, your socks don't fit snugly on your feet, don't fret! We offer hassle-free exchanges for sizes that aren't quite right. Just reach out to our fantastic customer support team, and they'll guide you through the steps to get you fitted with the perfect pair. Please note that some print-on-demand items may have specific sizing charts, so double-check those before placing your order. Though we'll try, but not all socks can be exchanged, and is depending on the stocks available.

Q: Can I wash my socks?
A: Of course! We want your socks to stay fresh and funky. Most of our socks can happily boogie in the washing machine, but to keep them in their sockadelic prime, we recommend following the care instructions on the product tag. Avoid high temperatures and intense spin cycles that might cause your socks to lose their vibrant charm. And remember, no bleach! Treat your socks with love, and they'll keep your feet dancing with delight.

Q: What if I receive the wrong socks or a defective pair?
A: Oops! We strive for sock perfection, but every now and then, a misstep might occur. If you find yourself with the wrong pair or a pair that doesn't quite live up to your sockadelic expectations, reach out to our support team right away. They'll make sure to correct the misstep and get you prancing around in the right socks in no time. We take pride in our sock quality, so rest assured that we'll do everything we can to resolve any issues with a smile.

Q: Can I cancel or change my order?
A: We understand that sometimes our foot fashion choices can change in a heartbeat. If you wish to cancel or make changes to your order, kindly contact our support team as soon as possible. They'll put their best foot forward to accommodate your request. However, please keep in mind that once your order is in the shipping groove, it might be difficult to interrupt the sock boogie. But don't worry, our support team will guide you through the process and find the best solution for your sockalicious needs.

Q: What sizes do your socks come in?

A: Ah, the delightful dance of sizes! Most of our socks are blessed with the magic of one-size-fits-most enchantment. They possess the incredible ability to stretch and accommodate a wide range of foot sizes. Whether you have petite feet or feet that could rival Bigfoot's, fear not! Sockadelic's socks are here to embrace your dancing digits with their flexible and foot-friendly nature. So put your worries to rest and let our socks boogie with your feet! Please refer to each product description for details, and ensure you carefully choose the sizes you order.

Q: Can I sell my own fun socks through Sockadelic?

A: Fancy a dance in the spotlight? If you've got some fancy footwork of your own and want to share your sock creations with the world, we're all ears (or rather, all feet)! Sockadelic loves partnering with passionate sock enthusiasts who have groovy sock designs to showcase. If you're interested in joining our sock party and becoming a part of the socktacular Sockadelic family, reach out to us through our contact page. Let's sock it to the world together and spread the joy of fun socks far and wide!

Q: Can you reach sock enthusiasts worldwide?

A: Oh, how we dream of covering the globe with our funky foot fashion! Currently, we're shimmying our way across Australia, delivering sockadelic joy to every nook and cranny of this beautiful land down under. So for now, our socktastic shipping is limited to Australian postal addresses. But fear not, global sock enthusiasts! We've got big plans to spread the sock love far and wide, bringing fun footwork to international addresses in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as we boogie our way towards expanding our sock empire!

Remember, good things come to those who wait (and wear awesome socks)! We appreciate your patience and can't wait to dance into your sock drawers wherever you may be!


Q: I'm a sock maker, can I dance my socks onto Sockadelic?

A: Absolutely, fellow sock maestro! We're thrilled to partner up and shake a leg with talented sock artisans like yourself! If your socks are bursting with fun, colourful flair and can make feet twirl in delight, we'd love to showcase your toe-tapping creations on our socktacular platform.

But hold your spinning feet for a moment—our partnership does come with a few ground rules to ensure we're in sync when it comes to ethical and sustainable footwork. We're committed to a dance that's fair and responsible, so we require all sock makers to meet our high standards.

First and foremost, your socks must embrace the spirit of fun, vibrancy, and individuality. Think bold colors, dazzling patterns, and designs that make feet want to dance in pure joy! 💃🧦

But it's not just about fancy footwork—ethical practices and sustainability are also our dance partners. We condemn any form of modern slavery and believe in fostering fair labor conditions throughout the sock-making process. Let's ensure every step we take is in tune with human rights and respect for all involved.

And let's not forget about the environment! We're all about green footprints, so we only twirl with sock makers who share our commitment to eco-friendly practices. We waltz away from harmful materials and damaging practices because we believe that protecting the planet should be a top priority.

So, if you're ready to put your best sock forward, join us in creating a dance floor that's lively, ethical, and sustainable. Step onto Sockadelic's stage, where fun meets responsibility, and let's revolutionize the world of sock fashion together!

Contact us, showcase your socktastic talent, and let's set the stage ablaze with creativity and toe-tapping brilliance! Together, we'll put our best foot forward, leaving a trail of happy feet and joyous customers in our wake.

Woman wearing a t-shirt saying "Buy less; wear more"

Q: What do you do about the environmental problems in the fashion industry?

A: At Sockadelic, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We believe in the power of conscious consumption and encourage everyone to "buy less; wear more." Instead of succumbing to the fast-fashion culture and fleeting trends, we promote the idea of curating an individualistic style that supports your unique identity and personal brand. By investing in quality socks that are not only fashionable but also durable, you can reduce your environmental footprint and make a positive impact. Together, let's embrace a more sustainable approach to fashion and step into a world where style and environmental consciousness go hand in hand. To avoid microplastics contaminating fish (our food supply) and dependence on oil, as much as possible, we avoid polyester. By 2024, we aim to have no polyester in any of our stocks. We encourage everyone to wear socks until they get holes in them, darn them, and even mix and match odd pairs.

 Odd socks paired together

Our socks are unmatchable... actually, you can mix and match.


Q: Is Emily Sockinson real?

A:  Emily Sockinson the very real virtual assistant is really assisting us virtually.

NOTE: Sockadelic cannot be held liable for any uncontrollable sock-induced dance parties or infectious sock puns that may occur as a result of wearing our fabulous socks. We apologize in advance for any spontaneous boogieing that may take place.

We hope these answers have put a spring in your step and resolved any questions toe-tapping around your mind. If you have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly sock experts. Now, let's get back to the joyous journey of discovering your perfect pair of socks at Sockadelic—where feet find their happy groove and socks become legendary tales of stepping brilliance!

Fun socks for fun people.