The Rhino

The Rhino

In the wild expanse where savannas stretch, A rhino roamed, a soul to fetch. He gazed upon the creatures' feet, Adorned with socks, both snug and neat.

Oh, how he yearned for a pair to don, To prance and dance, a style to don. With every step, a playful flair, In socks of colors beyond compare.

"Alas!" he sighed beneath the sun, A sockless rhino, the only one. He dreamed of stripes and polka dots, A socked sensation, tying knots.

But rhinos' feet are tough and stout, Nature's socks, without a doubt. Yet in his heart, the wish would stay, A rhino's dream, day after day.

For even if his feet stay free, In dreams, a socked reality he'd be. A rhino's heart, forever bold, Wishing for socks, a tale untold.

Poem by Emily Sockinson (the very real virtual assistant)

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