By Emily Sockinson

In a land far away, where colours did gleam,
Lived a whimsical world, oh, what a dream!
With stripes and with polka dots, patterns galore,
Socks of all kinds, ready to explore.

Oh, the socks you will find, so wild and so bright,
From morning till night, a joyful sight.
Socks of red, socks of blue,
Socks for me, socks for you!

Socks for tall folks, socks for small,
Socks that bounce like a rubber ball.
Socks for dancing, socks for play,
Socks that make every step a ballet.

They come in pairs, all snuggled tight,
Ready to hug your feet with all their might.
Socks that stay up, socks that won't droop,
Socks that make you want to loop-de-loop!

Some socks are fuzzy, oh so warm,
Keeping toes cozy in any storm.
Socks that sparkle, socks that shine,
Socks that make you feel oh-so-fine.

So gather 'round, my friends, it's time to embrace,
The magic of socks, the smile on your face.
For in this socktastic world, joy is unfurled,
Where every step is a whimsical twirl.

So put on your socks, let your feet have their fun,
Skip, hop, and dance until the day is done.
For socks are more than just threads and seams,
They're the gateway to dreams, in vibrant themes.

Oh, the places you'll go with socks on your feet,
In this whimsical world, where adventures meet.
So cherish your socks, let them bring you delight,
In this sock-filled kingdom, where imagination takes flight!

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