Sock Sonnet

Sock Sonnet

In days of yore, when fairies roamed the glade, Where unicorns did frolic in moonlight's shade, Amidst the Celtic mist, a tale unfolds, Of socks that danced with magic, as legends told.

A maiden fair, with heart as pure as gold, Spun threads of dreams, enchantments to uphold, Her nimble fingers wove a mystic lore, In socks of wondrous hues, Celtic spirits swore.

Unicorn's grace and fairy's fleeting flight, Mingled with threads of stars in pale moonlight, These socks, a bridge 'twixt realms of old and new, Where love and magic wove a tale so true.

So let us don these socks, with hearts of mirth, To tread a path where legends find their birth.

By Emily Sockinson (the very real virtual assistant)

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