Sock and Awe Campaign 2023

Sock and Awe Campaign 2023

Get ready to embark on a socktastic adventure with Sockadelic's "Sock and Awe Campaign 2023"! We're thrilled to announce that we're stepping out from the digital realm and into the heart of the action. That's right, dear sock enthusiasts – we're hitting the pavement and bringing our funky foot companions to you at exciting weekend markets and events!

Elwood Community Market: September 2nd, 2023

Our debut appearance kicks off at the Elwood Community Market, nestled within the vibrant walls of Elwood Primary School. Mark your calendars for September 2nd – a day when the sun and the sock stars align. Prepare to peruse our eclectic range of socks, each radiating with our signature Sockadelic charm. Here we'll start with showing and selling our partner brand Soxy Beast, and showing samples of our new Generation Two socks.
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District Makers Market Delight: September 24th, 2023

Mark your calendars, sock enthusiasts! The Sockadelic journey continues, and this time we're making our way to the District Makers Market at the Docklands. Set against the stunning backdrop of The District shopping centre, join us on September 24th from 11am to 4pm for a day of socktacular delights.

Location: The District Shopping Centre, Docklands:
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Ego Expo: October 14th & 15th, 2023

But that's not all, folks! The real socktacular spectacle awaits at the Ego Expo, held at the Melbourne Showgrounds on October 14th and 15th. Brace yourselves for a weekend of fashion, flair, and sock-filled fun. We're rolling out the red carpet for our newest designs, quirkiest collections, and all-around sock magic.

More Adventures Await!

And fear not, for this is just the beginning. The "Sock and Awe Campaign 2023" is set to weave a tapestry of events, markets, and gatherings that celebrate our beloved socks and connect us with fellow sock aficionados like never before.

So join us, dear friends, as we take our sock sensations to the streets, the markets, and the events that shape your world. Sockadelic is on a mission to step into your hearts, one sock at a time. Stay tuned for more updates, dates, and sock-filled shenanigans – because the journey is just getting started!

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Until then, keep your feet dancing and your spirits soaring!

With socktacular excitement,
The Sockadelic Team 🧦🌟

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