Possum Socks

Possum Socks

In a tree, a possum named Pete,
Wore socks on his paws, oh so neat.
He'd dance in the night,
With socks shining bright,
Possum's socked feet, quite a treat!

There once was a possum named Lou,
Whose socks came in shades of bright blue.
With each nimble prance,
He'd put on a dance,
In socks, he was quite the to-do!

A possum, young Jojo by name,
Took fashion to heights of true fame.
Her socks were quite wild,
In patterns, beguiled,
Possum's sock flair, no one could tame!

In socks, a possum named Max,
Danced gracefully, avoiding all cracks.
His socks striped and grand,
Made him the star of the land,
Possum's sock style earned him claps!

Possum Percy donned socks with a flare,
His nocturnal sock dances, so rare.
From moonlight to dawn,
In socks, he'd be drawn,
Possum's socked adventures, a joyful affair!
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