Brimming Socks

Brimming Socks

In winter's embrace, a festive display,
Socks hung by the chimney, in merry array.
Each thread a tale of warmth and delight,
As Christmas approaches, a magical sight.

Stockings of red, green, and snowy white,
Awaiting the moment, the joy and the light.
Filled with treasures, a holiday treat,
Socks tell a story, oh so sweet.

Santa's sleigh bells jingle, his laughter resounds,
As he fills each sock with delights all around.
Candies, toys, and wishes to share,
Socks brimming with love, hung with care.

Families gather, hearts full of glee,
Unveiling the wonders from each sock, you see.
A symphony of laughter, a chorus of cheer,
Socks hold the spirit of Christmas so dear.

So as snowflakes dance and carolers sing,
Socks embrace the magic that the season brings.
In cozy warmth, by the fire's glow,
Socks and Christmas, a festive tableau.
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