A Cleansing Spree

A Cleansing Spree

Upon a foot, I find my place,
A cozy haven, a warm embrace.
I hug your toes with snug delight,
Together, we journey day and night.

Oh, how I cherish moments worn,
On paths and fields, from dusk till morn.
Yet dirt and grime, I must abhor,
A soiled fate I deplore, and more.

Into the machine, a watery waltz,
I twirl and spin, as if in trances false.
Soaked and sudsed, a cleansing spree,
I'm rejuvenated, oh, how free!

Air-dried whispers in the sun's embrace,
A gentle breeze, a sweet solace.
But in the drawer, oh, time stands still,
A patient wait, a silent chill.

In solitude, I dream and scheme,
Of vibrant journeys, yet unseen.
For though the drawer may hold me tight,
I know my next adventure's light.

So let me dance upon your feet,
In every step, a tale complete.
With you, I find my purpose, true,
A sock's journey, forever intertwined with you.
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